Srinagar, February 16 : In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, posters inscribed with slogans like “WAKE UP, WAKE UP, UN EU WAKE UP” have appeared in Srinagar and adjoining areas to record the Kashmiris’ protest against an expected visit by a group of European and African parliamentarians, handpicked by Modi-led fascist Indian regime to mislead the international community.

According to Kashmir Media service, the posters displayed by Hurriyat Youth Forum Jammu and Kashmir were also reading” “We Want Freedom”. Some of the posters had the text like “Kashmir seeks world attention”.

“Kashmiris are united to raise demand of right to self-determination, mandated under UN resolutions. Indian state has caged us and is terrorizing, targeting, killing, harassing, arresting, blinding and silencing us— the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” was written on some posters.

“Kashmiris have not accepted what India did on 5 August 2019, and they appeal to the visiting European and African parliamentarians to avoid taking Indian side and see our miserable plight and injustice in an impartial manner.”

“Our Crime: We want free and fair Plebiscite through Right to Self-Determination,” was a slogan written on still some other posters.

Posters were also displayed by Warseen-e-Shuhada Jammu and Kashmir.

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