Supporting Kashmiris struggle: Hamid Mir strongly criticised by Indian channel

KARACHI: The Indian media is strongly criticising Pakistani commentators for their observations and remarks on the first anniversary of the revocation of the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K)’s special status.

Responding to a question by an Indian channel, host of Geo News current affairs programme Hamid Mir, in his video beeper to the Indian TV channel, had said the martyrs of the Kashmiri resistance are sacrificing their lives for the freedom of Kashmir from India.

Mir quoted a couplet of a famous Pakistani poet Hafeez Jalandhari that the blood of Kashmiris will not go in vain and will bear fruit. Jalandhari had rendered the poetry while paying respects to the Kashmiri resistance martyrs in Srinagar several years ago.

Hamid Mir said in view of the renewed Indian crackdown against the innocent Kashmiris, it appears the graveyards of the IOJ&K are resonating with the same poetry to win freedom from India.

Most of the Indian media, which has shed their independence and embraced Hindutva and PM Modi’s toxic agenda of backing the genocide against the Kashmiris and Muslims of India, seemed piqued by Mir’s harmless remarks. The Indian channel’s host used some highly objectionable language against him for supporting the Kashmiris.

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