Resistance Movement in Kashmir:Dr. Maqsood Jafri

Kashmiris struggle for right to self- determination has taken a new turn with a political resistance movement gaining strength in Indian illegally occupied Kashmir. Six political parties of Indian illegally occupied Kashmir have rejected the Indian steps of 5th August 2019. These political parties forged an alliance, vowing to wage a joint struggle to revive the old status of the territory. The joint statement holds the signature of Farooqe Abdullah and has the support of Congress Party as well. It is a welcoming step. If the Indian Congress and other Muslim Political Parties and religious groups also announce the rejection of the Modi agenda to save India from disintegration and destruction by the racism and extremism of BJP, it will be a positive step in the Indian interest.
“The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Order” is a raft and jumble of devious and disruptive designs to change the demographics of Kashmir. This controversial citizenship law seeks further discrimination against Kashmiris. To contain this law the freedom movement of Kashmiris against Indian nationalism and extremism has flourished as a sign of annoyance and spite the Modi regime. This cult of Hindutva has dominated the whole spectrum of Indian racism. In December 2014, BJP leader in a hate- fueled frenzy announced to wipe Muslims and Christians out of India by December 31, 2021. Can this fanatic drive out three hundred million Muslims out of India? He is a day dreamer and has destroyed the pluralistic and secular image of India. The India of Modi is not the India of Gandhi. Modi has been festering communal violence under the umbrella of RSS and Sangh Parivar. The reign of terror has been unleashed by his fascist regime. The Indian predators responsible for crimes in Kashmir , one day would be in the dock in an international tribunal like the Nazi officials who were punished after World War Second. Vice Admiral ( R) of Pakistan in an article published in Monthly Hilal of ISPR , edition August 2020 has aptly observed: “ Backed by Washington and Tel Aviv, and with improved ties with EU, Japan and Australia, New Delhi in working on the agenda of becoming a world super power and assuming the role as a net provider of security in the Indian Ocean Region, India has hegemonist designs. In 1949, it annexed Hyderabad by force. In 1975, India absorbed Sikkim as India’s 23rd state and is promoting terrorism in Chinese Tibit. Now , on August 5, 2019, India has annexed Kashmir.” It is my considered opinion if we will not stop Indian expansionist designs with the help of China and our friendly counties, India will do irreversible and impassable damage to our solidarity.
The Article 1( 1) of the International Covenant on Civil And Political Rights stipulates:” All peoples have the right of Self- determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” On July 1, 1948, India took the Kashmir dispute to the UN. On January 1, 1949, a cease fire was agreed. On August 3, 1948, and on Jay5, 1949, the UN resolutions were passed for free and impartial plebiscite to be held in Kashmir under UN auspices. India never cooperated with the UNCIP plebiscite administrators appointed by UN Security Council. Rather, India decided to crush the freedom movement of the Kashmiris by bullets and bayonets. Indian occupied forces left no stone unturned to crush this movement by brutal force. The Kashmiris are the victim of Indian State Terrorism. The youth is indiscriminately killed. The ladies are abducted and gang raped. The limbs are amputated. The extra judicial killings is the order of the day. In 2009, the Guinness Book of World Records , declared Kashmir as the “ Planet largest militarized territorial dispute. “ The missing persons have been killed and buried in Mass Graves. The book titled “ Prisoner no 100: An Account of My Nights and Days in an Indian Prison,” by Ms. Anjum Zamarud Habib , a Kashmiri Political lady activist depicts the horrific saga of human rights abuses in Indian prisons. BBC, The Guardian, al- Jazeera, and Human Rights Organizations such as Amnesty International have expressed serious concerns on the deplorable situation of human rights in Kashmir.
On August 22, 2020, in Baramula, a young guy has been killed by Indian occupied forces. Indian Home Minister Amir Shah, has bragged that the People of Bangladesh are like termites and Hindutva will eat them and they will be drowned in the Bay of Bangal. Earlier on the dismemberment of Pakistan,Indra Grandi has said that the Two Nation Theory has been drowned into the Bay of Bangal. I am sure today the soul of Mujeeb-ur- Rehman would be sad on becoming the tout of India. His soul will be burning in inferno with the flames of ignominy and impudence for betraying the Muslim nation. We must learn a lesson from Hindus intent and mindset. The Bengalis are our Muslim brethren and will be with us in the emancipation Movement of Kashmiris. The holy prophet has said :” The Muslims are like the teeth of a comb.”
I hope the OIC understands its meanings.
On the 3rd Moharrum , in Srinagar, the Participants is the mourning procession lamenting on the martyrdom of Imam Hussain raised very revolutionary slogans and recited dirges that carried the message of revolt against Indian aggression. These elegies were recited in Urdu and Kashmiri languages. The mourners vehemently recited: “ we are facing a new Karbala. Like Hussain we will never surrender before tyranny. Like Abbas and Ali Akbar we will fight till death. “ These slogans are the voice of wrenched hearts. These verses are the voice of unshakable Faith in Allah. No power on earth can defeat such a committed nation. It is the real mission of Karbala as Dr. Iqbal had said that till doomsday Hussain has cut the roots of tyranny.
I am sure that the blood of the martyrs of Kashmir will shine like sheeny stars and sprout like red roses as great Urdu poet Sahir Ludyanvi had said: “Blood is blood, when it flows it is condensed.” Modi must know blood is not water. Water is colorless and smell less but the blood has color and smell.

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