Proposed visit of Modi to occupied Kashmir is tantamount to rubbing salt on wounds of people of the state: Syed Salahuddin

MUZAFFARABAD, : Hizbul Mujahideen Chief and United Jihad Council Chairman Syed Salahuddin Ahmed has said that the proposed visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to occupied Kashmir is tantamount to rubbing salt on the wounds of the people of the state and a failed effort to give perception of so called peace in the Kashmir.

According to a statement issued by United Jihad Council Spokesperson Syed Sadqat Hussain, this was stated by Syed Salahuddin Ahmed while addressing the high level meeting of the United Jihad Council. He said that 0.9 million Indian forces equipped with the latest weapons have converted the whole state into a complete prison. He said now while making failed effort to fool the world, the perception is being given that there is peace in occupied Kashmir and steps of Modi are being appreciated. He said that the world knows that the normally from 1947 and especially after the 5th August 2019 steps 0.9 million forces have kept the Kashmiris in lockdown and crackdown.

Syed Salahuddin Ahmed said that still the Kashmiris are active on every front for their right to self-determination movement. He said that heinous expansionist designs and Narendra Modi’s efforts to change the demography of occupied Kashmir are not acceptable for the Kashmiris. He said that while taking benefit from the criminal negligence of the international community and weak diplomatic efforts of Pakistani government, Narendra Modi government has made an effort to temporarily change the demography and historic position of occupied Kashmir but the Kashmiri nation collectively has rejected these steps and has clarified that the only solution of the Kashmir dispute is the plebiscite. He said that in no way the temporary bloody line could be allowed to be declared as permanent border.

Syed Salahuddin Ahmed said that no permission could be given to play and sell the sacred blood and sacred honors, adding that this the decision of the people of the state and the people living on both sides of the bloody line are fully aware how to respect their promise and they are ready to do this.

Syed Salahuddin Ahmed said that these days a drama of Modi government has already been flopped, the characters of this drama were some blue eyed envoys. He said that the exemplary shutter down strike and protest by Kashmiri people on the occasion of the visit of these envoys has brought shame for the Modi government. He said that Narendra Modi will also have to face this kind of shutter down strike and protest and wrath of the freedom loving people of Kashmir. He said that Modi will have to face further embarrassment during this visit.

During the meeting the fateha was offered for the martyrs of the current week and it was reiterated that the freedom struggle will remain continue till the achievement of the destination.

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