People in IOK not safe even in their homes

Srinagar, May 13 : When the people across the world are being asked to Stay home, Stay safe, the same is not applicable to the people of occupied Kashmir who are even being targeted by Indian forces insides their houses.

For the last three days the occupational troops and police personnel have been appearing in Nasrullah Pora village of Badgam district and running amok damaging public property, beating locals and arresting people before leaving the area.

Some reports say that the troops and police personnel have looted 27 shops including hardware stores and gas cylinders, damaged 162 vehicles and 42 houses as well as breaking window panes of nearly 800 homes in the village in last three days.

The villagers said that the forces either looted or destroyed their valuable possessions including cash, electronic appliances, furniture, cooking gas cylinders, and jewellery during the raids. Indian forces’ vandalism has forced people to migrate to other villages.

A villager said that forces’ personnel arrested people randomly during night, adding that even elderly people were not spared.

“The forces damaged parked vehicles, shops and gates of the house. They barged into the houses and damaged my JCB, LeD TV, washing machine, refrigerator, car and other things. They spared only a few households and created havoc in almost every home,” another resident of the village said.

The residents said that the forces were victimizing the people in vengeance of the injuring of a police officer in the clashes in the area on Friday. They said on Friday a police official had desecrated a mosque by entering in it with his shoes on to stop people from offering Juma prayers. They said that the incident had triggered demonstrations in the area during which a DSP was injured.

Meanwhile, an analytical report released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, today, said that the lives and properties of the people in occupied Kashmir were unsafe due to heavy presence of Indian troops and police. The report said that barging into houses, harassing and arresting the inmates and vandalizing property was a routine matter for the occupational forces. It said that besides killing 95,548 Kashmiris since January 1989 till April 30, 2020, the troops had injured hundreds of thousand civilians, arrested 159,602 and destroyed 109,506 structures.

It said that fascist Modi government is leaving no stone unturned to make lives of Kashmiris a hell. It said that despite facing the worst kind of Indian atrocities, the people of occupied Kashmir were committed to take their freedom movement to its logical conclusion. It maintained that the Indian state terrorism in occupied Kashmir is a challenge for the world community, which must come forward to save the Kashmiris from the Indian wrath.

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