FO rejects statement made by Indian Ministry of External Affairs on Pakistan’s political map

Islamabad, August 05 : Pakistan has categorically rejected the statement made by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on Pakistan’s political map.

In a statement, Foreign Office Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said through sophistry and obfuscation, India cannot create a smokescreen for its illegal and unacceptable actions in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, including those taken since 5 August last year.

She said it is preposterous for a country that is compulsively expansionist, and a brazen practitioner of state-terrorism, to level charges against others.

The Spokesperson said India has been in illegal occupation of parts of Jammu and Kashmir since 1947 and has continuously violated UN Security Council resolutions for decades.

She said despite its brutal suppression of Kashmiris for over 72 years, India has been unable to force them into submission.

Aisha Farooqui said Pakistan’s position remains clear and unambiguous.

She said the political map issued by Pakistan emphatically reaffirms this abiding commitment.

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