‘Dear World, How Is the Lockdown?’ Kashmir Wryly Takes on Twitter

“Oh world, welcome into our permanent reality.”

Srinagar: Prolonged lockdowns are a permanent feature in Kashmir and Kashmiris caught in the siege have all along appealed world to take notice albeit without eliciting much response. 

New Delhi clamped latest lockdown on Kashmir on the midnight of August 4 2019, followed it by scrapping states special status, disbanding its legislative assembly and then splitting it into two federally administered zones. Protest voices were chocked and even leaders who swore by the Indian democracy were put behind bars without any charge. People, eight million of them, were locked down in their homes without internet and without phones. Yes you read it right without any communication network. This lockdown continued for seven months and eighteen days. Only few weeks later they now find themselves in another lockdown. 

But this time Kashmiris are not alone. 

With world now virtually forced into a lockdown by a noval pandemic, Kashmiris on twitter  are taking a sly dig at the international community. 

Kashmiris, who are mostly living abroad, are drawing comparisons between the current lockdown in the world with that of Kashmir.

“Dear World How is the Lockdown? Kashmir” the phrase popularised by cricket legend Shoaib Akhtar is trending on twitter and bogging down twiterati in the complex politics of Kashmir conflict and away from the lurking fear of rampaging Coronavirus.

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