Clad in black burqas IIOJK women protest against fashion show

Srinagar, April 11 : In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, clad in black burqas, dozens of Kashmiri women took a protest demonstration in Srinagar against a recently held fashion show in the city.

Holding placards in favour of veil and headscarf, the women gathered at Nehru Park in Srinagar and took out a march against the show. They said that the Modi-led fascist Indian government, in fact, wants to rob Kashmiri women of their traditional dress.

The Kashmiri women termed the fashion shows and other such activities as an onslaught on the identity and culture of the Kashmiri people. They appealed to the fellow citizens to observe pardah and denounce the India-imposed culture, as it is a tactic being employed by the Indian government to Indianise the Kashmiri women.

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