China sets up military base in Pangong lake, cutting off Indian Army

New Delhi, : China has set up a military base near Finger 5, in the north bank of Pangong Lake, completely cutting off the Indian Army.

The north bank of the lake is divided into 8 Fingers (fingers are mountains spur jutting into a lake in military parlance) that are contested by both sides, media reports said.

India claims the Line of Actual Control at Finger 8 and had been holding on to the area till Finger 4 but the Chinese have been camping at Finger 4 and have set up fortifications between Finger 5 and 8, reports said.

Two months ago, Indian intelligence agencies flagged that cranes, concrete mixture trucks and other building construction machineries were spotted near Finger 5. They had also flagged China is making military barracks and offices. China has stationed thousands of troops as well materials at these bases. It has placed tanks, artillery guns and other military armaments at Finger 5.

At Finger 8, troops from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have set up barracks and constructed underground tunnels. They have set up huge military infrastructure there.

Now, the Indian Army is unable to move ahead of Finger 4 as PLA troops have taken control of some heights there. The movement of Indian Army troops beyond Finger 4 is completely cut off, reports said, owing to Chinese military movements.

India and China are engaged in a four-month-long standoff at the LAC in Eastern Ladakh. Despite several levels of dialogue, there hasn’t been any breakthrough and the deadlock continues.

On June 15, as many as 20 Indian soldiers were killed and 76 others injured in a violent clash with the Chinese troops in Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

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