Ashraf Sehrai’s struggle should must be continued, President MAPIM

KUALA LUMPUR, May 08 (SABAH): President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM) Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid has said that senior Hurriyat leader, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai’s struggle should must be continued.

According to a statement issued here on Saturday we are saddened by the news of the demise of the senior Hurriyat leader, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai on the 5th May 2021 at the age of 77 years old.

His martyrdom in the holy month of Ramadan is a reward from the Almighty which we pray that his soul will be in the comfort of the companies of the shuhada and solehin.

We learned that he is a fully dedicated leader who has given his life in the struggle for the liberation of Kashmir.

Described as a seasoned and brave Hurriyat leader, he will aspire all freedom fighters to continue to persevere and face all odds to achieve justice and self-determination for Kashmir.

Sehrai was incarcerated illegally for the last two years as a prisoner of conscience. He has been criminalized by the fascist Indian government not only because of his adamant political struggle to free Kashmir but also for his commitment to strengthened Muslim Kashmiris to support the building of an Islamic based development model.

His commitment and dedication for Islam is a landmark legacy not only for Kashmir but also for the Ummah.

As the Chairman of the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat, Jammu and Kashmir, Shaheed Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai has been a respected leader of principles and deeds.

We express our condemnation on his murder under the Indian custody.

As a member of Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir, his struggle places a strong foothold for his successors to continue the cause.

We salute his resolve to free Indian-occupied Kashmir for a complete withdrawal of Indian forces from Kashmir.

His sacrifice to have his son, Junaid Sehrai achieved martyrdom in 2020 in a gun battle with occupying Indian forces is unmatchable by many.

We share the loss of “The Man of the Book”. His leadership is exemplary in leading the freedom movement with strong emphasis on Islamic ethics and values.

We register our great admiration to his work in establishing Tehreek-e-Hurriyat — with its three basic values: Islam, as a way of life; Azaadi (Complete freedom from Indian occupation) and Itehaad (Unity among the ranks of Muslim nation).

His unwavering struggle that earned him more than 16 years in the Indian jails is truely the mark of a mujahidin.

He endured tremendous health ailments when he was incarcerated and yet he was denied of the needed medical care.

He was suffering from heart, back, bronchitis, kidney problems. He had already lost his hearing ability. He lost eye sight in jail and finally achieved martyrdom.

We read his experiences as a personality with a full-hearted focus on justice and right for freedom.

We abhor India’s ill treatment of Kashmir detainees to the extent of denying their medical care needs and literally left the prisoners to parish.

The non-provision of much-needed medicines which resulted in Sehrai’s health fast deteriorated, is clearly intentional by the Indian authorities to break the resistance of Kashmiris and compel them to succumb to the India’s aggression.

His martyrdom under torture in the custody of the Indian prison, raises questions of how India has been targeting Muslim leaders in Kashmir.

We believe the Kashmiri people are more determined to continue Sehrai’s struggle for justice and freedom. Sehrai not only fought to the end but remained steadfast and an inspiring figure for freedom fighters in Kashmir.

Sehrai’s death will not be the end of the struggle but a motivating and inspiring push for all Kashmiris freedom fighters to continue their right for justice and a live of dignity.

We call the UN to launch a concerted effort to probe the death Sehrai while in custody. The custodial murder of Sehrai cannot be left uninvestigated.

A report that the situation of Kashmiri prisoners is in danger as they are not only deprived of basic health facilities but were kept with coronavirus patients.

Kashmiri political prisoners in the Indian jails which are becoming death chambers, are in danger of contracting the coronavirus from covid positive inmates.

The spreading of the virus amongst Kashmir leaders and not allowing them to be treated is a tool by the Indian authorities to terminate them completely while in custody.

The fact that over 50 people lost battle to a coronavirus so far, is enough to describe the gravity of Kashmir imprisoned leaders in the Indian jails.

The world powers and human rights organizations must not close a blind eye on the plight of Kashmir prisoners of conscience.

We stand in solidarity with the struggle of Ashraf Sehrai and pray the fighting spirit he exemplified will boost the morale of all Kashmir freedom fighters to persevere.

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