Al-Quds Day- A Pledge of Allegiance

INTERNATIONAL Al-Quds Day gives voice to voiceless, hope to hopeless, help to helpless, identity to nameless, courage to oppressed, consolation to bereaved and strength to weak. It’s a weapon for un-armed. Quds Day is the day to pledge allegiance to Al-Aqsa. It’s the day of resistance, the day of victory of oppressed and dispossessed over the tyranny and arrogance.

Quds Day was declared by late Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini after he led the first triumphant Islamic Revolution in centuries and kicked out America’s biggest lackey from the Middle East’s most prized nation in 1979. He declared the last Friday of the holly month of Ramazan as annual Quds Day lest nations forgot in their duty to liberate the most valued land for all monolithic religions, called Palestine and its most admired landmark, the Al-Aqsa.
As the last Friday became an annual feature of anti Zionist demonstration drawing Muslims and people of conscience alike against oppression and tyranny, arrogant powers became uneasy and felt vulnerable with the rising tide of global solidarity.

Quds Day is now firmly an international occasion and has crossed the confines of Palestine. It is the day of defenceless and subjugated peoples against the organised global tyranny. It is a day of pledge of liberation for long subjugated people of the world now. From Palestine to Kashmir and from Yemen to Myanmar world is one.

The International Day of Quds amplifies the cry of the oppressed and shakes the pillars of injustice, tyranny and oppression. Although it is for one day and has a specific symbol, this anniversary has a louder message which resonates in the streets and hamlets of all subjugated lands.

Quds Day also conveys a stark message for Muslims globally. The continued suffering of al-Quds reflects the reality of Muslim paralysis. If Muslim’s can not rise on the painful cries from the minarets of their first Qibla how can one expect them to stand up for the meek and voiceless elsewhere.

Quds Day has come to heal the wounds, console the bereaved, encourage the weak, reward the dead, stand with the right and bring down the cruel.

Quds Day is the day of unity. Day of vow. Day to shun hypocrisy.

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