Targeting Raja Fahim Kayani on British soil is another act of terrorism by India: Yahya Akhter

LONDON, Feb 19 (SABAH): Targeting the President of Tehreek e Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani on British soil is another act of terrorism by India. It is a foreign intrusion to the British free and democratic society and British government should seriously take notice of it, expressed in a statement issued by Yahya Akhter, Member Executive Committee Tehreek e Kashmir UK.

He said Indian propaganda has targeted the Right Honourable Members of Parliament as well in its despicable campaign. Movement for the freedom of Kashmir is spreading all over the world.

Yahya Akhter said that the civilized world has started listening and joining the movement. India has taken it is last tool out of its arson only to expose itself after disinfo lab in Europe. This time the very failed act is attempted in the United Kingdom. An online newspaper publishes an article full of disinformation, run by Indian propaganda machine from Dehli.

Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK under leadership of Raja Fahim Kayani starts Kashmir Solidarity Week

Yahya Akhter said that looking at the clumsy composition of the article and the poor quality of arguments, one can ignore this article. But then you consider, an online newspaper from India, and written by Paul Stott someone claimed to be working for two think tanks in UK, then it proves to be a mere disappointment.

He said that the people expect a minimum standard from a newspaper and a journalist equally, which is invisible here. It looks like someone has given him a target and he has done a job to fulfill the demand but unfortunately he could not keep his professional integrity here. We know the real target here is the freedom movement of the people of Kashmir. And in the tone of the writer it is clearly visible that the real culprit is India here. The writer has bungled up issues from China to America but deviates to discuss the real issue of Kashmir. Between the lines we can read that he is aware of the issue of Kashmir but his dishonesty prevails where he wanders around from events happening in several countries in the region but have nothing to do with the people of Kashmir. This is nothing more than an effort to create dust on the screen to make Kashmir issue less visible on the world stage.

“We expected the editorial to be well informed. When we go on a news platform we hope they will give us authentic and useful information. But here we find the ignorance prevailing all over the place. They are unaware of the fact that the very year, 1948, when UN passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it passed the resolution that people of Kashmir will be given the right of self determination. And India has been denying their basic human rights for all those decades, ignoring dozens of UN resolutions, until 5 August 2019 when it occupied and put the whole region under illegal and worst kind of lockdown in the history until now. The fact for people to know is that about 1 million Indian army is committing killings, rapes and disappearances of native people keeping whole nation under siege till this very day” Yahya Akhter said.

Tehreek Kashmir has issued the newspaper a legal notice which they have not dared to reply so far. “We expect an immediate, open and unconditional apology from the platform and also that it will let us publish an article of the same specifications to rectify the facts” he said.

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