Steps to devoured J&K by Modi govt are temporary & weak & they have no future

MUZAFFARABAD, : Hizbul Mujahideen Chief and United Jihad Council Chairman Syed Salahuddin Ahmed has said that the steps to devoured Jammu and Kashmir by Modi government are temporary and weak and they have no future.

This was stated by Syed Salahuddin Ahmed in a statement issued to press on Sunday. He said that all the efforts of Narendra Modi government to devoured Kashmir, occupy the resources and oust the locals from their land on the pattern of Israel will not be succeeded.

Syed Salahuddin said that the steps of issuing hundreds of thousands of domiciles to non-state citizens, legislation for allowing sale and purchase of lands, establishment of colonies for the non-resident citizens on different names and efforts of occupation while bringing investment of Ambani Brothers like investors, will end prior to the end of the Modi government. He said that temporary steps of suppressing the masses with the help of 0.9 million army personnel will not prove durable.

Syed Salahuddin said that criminal silence of the international institutions and fleeing from the promises are benefiting the designs of Modi but the volcano of sentiments of people will destroy all these steps upon arriving time. Syed Salahuddin also advised the Pakistani government to activate the international community through aggressive diplomatic camping being the basic party of the Kashmir dispute, adding that instead of just lip service through effective measures to take concrete steps to expose and foiled the Indian designs.

Syed Salahuddin also expressed the hope that the decisive time has come to ensure freedom of the every inch of the state and save the Muslim majority identity. He said that with the blessings of Almighty Allah failure of the tyrant and occupational forces is written on the wall.

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