Indian state terrorism in IIOJK increased during BJP rule

Srinagar, January 28 : In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian state terrorism has witnessed an alarming rise since Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government assumed power in the territory in January 2015.

A report released by Media , today, revealed that Indian troops have martyred 1600 Kashmiris, 134 of them in custody, since the BJP took control of the territory in the form of as coalition government with the Peoples Democratic Party in 2015 till date. It said that these killings also included 37 women and 128 children. The report pointed out that the killings by the troops rendered 132 women widowed and 303 children orphaned. It said that the troops also subjected 11 persons to custodial disappearance.

The report maintained that 32,422 people were injured due to the use of brute force by Indian troops and police personnel on peaceful protesters while 33,386 others were arrested during the period. It said that the troops have destroyed 4,354 residential houses and other structures and molested 1,104 women since January 2015.

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