Syed Ali Geelani Hails International Community And Ridicules India On Myanmar Issue

Srinagar, (HMS): Attributing Terrorism To Rohingya Muslims Is A Grave Injustice, Said Syed Ali Geelani. Tuesday Geelani While Reacting To The Statement Of New Delhi, Wherein They Have Linked Rohingya Refugees With Pakistani Terrorism “alleged By India” Geelani Said That Instead Of Providing Aid And Assistance On Humanitarian Ground To These Hapless Refugees, The Response And Reaction From Indian Authorities Is Quite Heart-breaking And Painful.
Referring And Hailing International Community, Syed Ali Geelani Said That They In A Unanimous Voice Denounced Callous And Barbarous Approach Of Myanmar Authorities Led By Aung San Sui, While As On The Other, The New Delhi Is Adding Salt To Their Injuries And Accrediting Rohingya With So-called Terror Threat And Harping The Tune Of Alleged Terrorism And Attributing It To Pakistan.
Lashing Out At New Delhi For Their Rhetoric, Inhuman Behaviour For Refugees And Their Blame Game Against Pakistan, The Pro-freedom Leader Said That It Is Ridiculous To Involve Pakistan In Every Issue And Added That Pakistan And Rohingya Issues Are Two Different Issues And Are Poles Apart.
Syed Ali Geelani Expressed His Deep Concern And Said On One Hand India Is Aspiring For A Membership In UN General Council And On The Other Instead Of Providing Any Help To Refugees, Its Actions Are Contradictory And Defying The Guidelines Laid By UNHRC For Displaced People And Refugees.
Laying Stress On Human, Passionate Approach And Pursuance Of UN Human Rights Charter For Depressed Nations And Communities, Geelani Said That It Is Obligatory That We Should Come To The Rescue And Help These Displaced And Needy Nations, Irrespective Of Their Cast, Creed, Colour And Religion.