Heartfelt Tributes To Youth Slain In Hajin Encounter By Syed Ali Geelani

Srinagar, November 19: Syed Ali Geelani While Paying His Heartfelt Tributes To Youth Slain In Hajin Encounter, Said That These Youths Lay Their Lives To End The Age-old Slavery Of Their Nation, And Added They Are Laying Heavy Responsibility On Our Shoulders To Carry Their Mission Till Its Logical End.
Syed Ali Geelani Blamed India For Its Rigid And Stubborn Approach And Said That Their Insensitivity And Unconcern Is The Sole Reason For This Unabated Bloodshed And Pushing Our Youth To Wall. They Mercilessly Are Killing Our Youth And On One Pretext Or The Other And With Their Brute Force Are Pushing Youth To Wall. Referring To Kashmir Issue, Syed Ali Geelani Said That It Is A Political And Humane Issue And As Such Military Might Or Coercive Measures Won’t Solve This.
All Our Fundamental Rights Are Being Curbed And Our Peaceful Activities Are Being Denied Said Geelani, Saying That Youth For This Reason Are Taking Extreme Steps.