Jammu Massacre Worst Tragedy,we Can't Allow Anyone To Exploit These Sacrifices For Personal Gains.

APHC Chairman Syed Ali Geelani While Paying Glorious Tributes To Jammu Martyrs, Said That When Indians Were Celebrating Their Independence, The Muslims In Jammu Were Facing Brutal Massacre, Facilitated And Sponsored By Fascist Rulers.
Terming The Jammu Massacre In 1947 As The Worst Tragedy, Syed Ali Geelani Said That Slaughtering Lakhs Of Muslims By Dogra Army, Indian Forces, Hindutva Fascist Groups Like RSS And Other Communal Forces Is A Brazen And Most Barbaric Incident Human History Can Ever Come Across.
Addressing Martyrs, Geelani Said That The Killing Spree You Witnessed, Still Continuous And This Endless Cycle Of Death And Destruction Goes Unabated.
We Are Facing Unbridled And Arrogant Power, Said Geelani And Added That More Than 1.5 Lakh Innocents Were Killed, Number Of Widows, Orphans And Those Buried In Unknown Graves Is Increasing With Every Passing Day.
Geelani Said That Hundreds Were Disabled And Thousands Caged, Saying That Thousands Were Maimed With Pellets And Equal Number Lost Their Eye Sight.
Syed Ali Geelani While Narrating The Woeful Tale, Said That Rape And Molestation Is Being Used As War Weapon Against Women And Now Brutal Authorities Resorted To Braid Chopping To As Their Weapon Against Women, Saying It Is Their One More Ploy To Break Our Resolve, Added Geelani.
Their Intentions Are Not Hidden, Said Geelani And Added That As A Nuclear Country They Are Very Desperate To Exhibit Their Power And Expand Their Territories And Added That Despite Being A Big Country They Are Forcibly Occupying The Small Territory Like Jammu And Kashmir.
Geelani Reiterated His Pledge And Said That We Will Never Forget Sacrifices Rendered By Martyrs, Saying We Are Duty-bound To Carry Their Mission Till Its Logical Conclusion And Added That We Will Never Surrender And Will Pursue The Mission Of Martyrs, Despite Terror Unleashed By Brutal Authorities.
Resistance Leadership Won’t Allow Any Body To Deceive Nation And Bargain Against The Sacrifices Of Martyrs, Said Geelani And Added That Nor We Will Allow Anyone To Repeat The Treacherous Policy And Politics Of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.
Today While Paying Tributes To Jammu Martyrs I Would Like To Ask My Nation To Reiterate Their Pledge For The Sacred Cause And Added That We Should Disassociate From Pro-Indian Politicians, Who Are Bargaining And Exploiting These Sacrifices For Their Personal Gains.
It Is Obligatory For All To Illustrate Our Affiliation And Commitment With Sacred Mission, Said Geelani And Added That I Am Sure We Will Definitely Achieve Our Goal.