Power Tactics And Coercive Measures Won’t Compel Us To Participate In Futile Exercise Of Negotiations.

November 05: APHC On Sunday Said That India Despite Its Tall Claims About Being World’s Largest Democracy, Is Following The Policy Of Suppression And Repression, Saying That People In Highly Militarized Zone Are Facing Immense Hardships And Agonies.
The Conglomerate Expressed Their Surprise And Dismay Over The Attitude Of Indian Authorities And Said That They Are Following Their Hypocritical Dogma.
Blaming Authorities For Their Double Dealing, Huriyat Said That On One Hand They Are Relying On Their Military Might And Carpet Bombing To Supress People And On The Other Are Parroting About Dialogue.
Our Stand Is Clear And We Want To Covey Our Message To Indian Authorities In New Delhi That Power Tactics And Coercive Measures Won’t Cow Down Our Spirits Nor They Can Compel Us To Participate In Futile Exercise Of Negotiations.
We Will Never Disappoint Our People, Said Hurriyat, Saying That Keeping In Consideration The Unparalleled Sacrifices Rendered By Nation, They Will Never Hesitate To Offer Sacrifices, Even If It Is At The Cost Of Their Life.
The Hurriyat Conference While Rejecting The Dialogue Offer And While Reiterating The Commitment With Movement, Said That It Is Mere Rhetoric And Wastage Of Time And Added That No Section Of Hurriyat Or Group Will Meet Designate Interlocutor Mr Daneshwar Sharma Or Participate In This Futile Exercise.
Huriyat While Referring To The Statement Of Daneshwar Sharma, Wherein He Has Made A Mention Of Widespread Destruction, Syria Like Situation In Kashmir, His Clear Threats And Moreover “teaching Islam,” Said That Actually They Are Forcing Us To Be A Part Of These Futile Negotiations.
Huriyat In Its Statement Made It Clear That Forced Negotiations Have No Political Or Moral Justifications And Disclosed That A State Representative On Intervening Night Of November 04 And 05 Expressed His Desire To Meet Huriyat Chairman Syed Ali Geelani To Facilitate His Meeting With Designate Interlocutor.
Huriyat Said That Freedom Movement Lists At Top Priority As Resistance Leadership While Spending Most Part Of Their Lives In Jails And Torture Centres, Nourished Their Sentiments For Ongoing Movement And While Referring To Its Chairman Syed Ali Geelani, Hurriyat Said That Since 1962 He Has Served 23 Years Of Long Term In Jails And During This Period Faced Immense Hardships.
Geelani Faced Dozens Of Murderous Assaults, His Residence Was Attacked With Mortar Shells And Subjected Extreme Physical Torture In Detention Centres, Hurriyat Said And Added That Even His Family Members And Relatives Were Intimidated And Subjected To Vengeance.
The Authorities Failed To Budge This Iron Man And Couldn’t Break His Resolve And Despite All This, He Followed His Mission With Steadfastness And Exemplary Determination, Said Hurriyat And Reiterated That Leadership Can’t Even Think To Retreat From Their Mission Or Betray Nation.