Using Zakir Musa Façade, India Creating Ikhwan In Kashmir: Jihad Council

Muzaffaraabad:(HMS) Asking Freedom-loving People Of Kashmir To Be Vigilant And Cautious, The United Jehad Council (UJC) Grouping Of Kashmir Mujahid Organizations On Thursday Said That Indian Agencies Were Mulling Over Playing A Dangerous Game In The Name Of ISIS And Al Qaeda, Using The Façade Of Zakir Musa.
In A Statement To Media, The UJC Spokesperson, Syed Sadakat Hussain, Said That India Had Already Made It Clear: “Indian Intelligence Agencies Are Busy In Hatching Conspiracies And Are Trying To Use Paid Agents And Stooges To Weaken The Ongoing Freedom Struggle In Kashmir.”
He Said India Was Trying Hard To Give An ISIS And Al Qaeda Colour To The Indigenous Movement Of Kashmir.
“A New Ikhwan Is Being Created For The Past Several Months In The Name Of ISIS And Al Qaeda, Using The Façade Of Zakir Musa. Indian Paid Agents Are Being Recruited For This Brigade. They Are Being Hailed By Indian Media And Impression Is Given That These Paid Agents Are The Real Heroes Of Kashmir Freedom Struggle,” Hussain Said.
The Spokesperson Added: “For The Past Few Days, Indian Print And Electronic Media Is Busy In Cooking Up A Cock-and-bull Story, Claiming Zakir Musa’s Meeting With Militants Who Had Managed To Enter Into Valley Through Gulmarg Route. We Appeal People Of Kashmir To Be Alert And Expose Such Types Of Conspiracies.”
He Said That The Real Face Of Terrorist Organisation ISIS Has Truly Surfaced In Iraq, Afghanistan And Syria. “The Pro-American, Former President Of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, Exposed The ISIS Recently,” The UJC Spokesperson Said, Adding That In The Name Of Zakir Musa, India Is Planning To Pitch Kashmiri Against Kashmiri. “To Make These Plots Unsuccessful, It Is Our Responsibility To Expose The Anti-Kashmir Elements,” He Said.