Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakria Says That India Is Involved In Terrorist Activities In Pakistanand Other Countries . India Is Also Using Afghanistan’s Soil For Terrorist Activities Against Pakistan . The Spokesperson Says Statements From Spokesperson Of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar Ehsan-Ullah Ehsan, Former US Secretary Defence Chuck Hagel, RSS Activist Swami Aseemanand, Former Chief Of Maharashtra Police And Indian Ministers Have Clearly Vindicated RAW's Connection With Outlawed Tehreek-e- Taliban Pakistan In Effort To Destabilize Pakistan And Rest Of The Region.
RAW Supports Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan , Acknowledges Indian Analyst In Top Daily. An Indiananalyst, In A Piece Published In Hindustan Times, Has Acknowledged That The Indian Spy Agency The Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) Has Ties With The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan(TTP). Bharat Karnad, Professor For National Security Studies At The Centre For Policy Research And Author Of “Why India Is Not A Great Power (Yet)”, Writes, “Severing Relations With TTP Will Mean Indiasurrendering An Active Card In Pakistan And A Role In Afghanistan As TTP Additionally Provides Access To Certain Afghan Taliban Factions.”
Analysts Live On Phone:
Nafees Zakaria (Foreign Office Spokesperson)
India Is Involved In Fanning Terrorism Not Only In Pakistan, But In All The Neighboring Countries. Now It Is A Proven Fact That India Has Close Contacts With The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Based In Afghanistan. Indian Agencies Are Also Using TTP As An Active Source To Further Coordinate With Other Terrorist Organizations. This Fact Has Been Vindicated By A Senior Academician In His Article Published Recently. Former IG Police Of Maharashtra SM Mushrif, In His Book 'Who Killed Karkare?' Has Also Said That How Indian Agencies And Other Extremist Organizations Like RSS Carry Out Terrorist Activities Inside India And Put The Blame On Indian Muslims And Other Countries. Confession Of Serving Naval Officer Of India Kalbhushan Yadav Is Also A Solid Evidence Of Indian Involvement In Terrorist Activities In Pakistan.
Fauzia Nasreen (Former Ambassador):
Pakistan And Intelligence Agencies Of Other Countries Are Monitoring Indian Activities Inside Pakistan. Major Countries Of The World Do Not Pressurize India Because Of Their Vested Interests In New Delhi. It Is Their Responsibility To Tell India To Stop Negative Activities In Pakistan. It May Destabilize The Entire Region. India Does Not Want Peace And Economic Stability In Pakistan. India Has Openly Stated Its Policies Towards Pakistan. Hindustan Times Has Pointed Out That RAW Has A Nexus With TTP To Operate In Pakistan. Sushma Swaraj Has Made Irresponsible Statements, Which Are Against Diplomatic Norms. Maleeha Lodhi Has Rightly And Categorically Responded Her Assertions.
Brig. Retd. Tipu Sultan (Defence Analyst):
This Is A Fact That India Is Supporting TTP And Anti-Pakistan Forces To Destabilize Our Country. India Does Not Want To See Peace And Stability In South Asian Region. Now, Prime Minister Of Pakistan Has Openly Expressed His Position About Indian Involvement In Pakistan. The Address Of Maleeha Lodhi Reflects The Feelings Of Common People Of Pakistan.
Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (Expert On World Affairs):
Indian Involvement To Destabilize Pakistan Is No More A Secret Now. The Prime Minister Of Pakistan And Maleeha Lodhi Has Spoken About Indian Designs On The Basis Of Factual Grounds. India Is Using Afghanistan To Achieve Its Nefarious Designs. Every Sensitive And Thoughtful Person In India Is Criticizing Indian Role In Pakistan. Few Countries Are Trying To Make India A Regional Police And A Counterweight To China. Russia, China And Muslim Countries Are Willing To Accept This Policy. The Center Of Global Power Is Shifting Towards Asia From Europe. America Is Apprehensive Of Chinese