Media Trials And Misinformation Propaganda Cannot Suppress The Genuine Voice Of Kashmiris.

September- Senior APHC Leaders Including Chairman Islamic Political Party JK Mohammad Yousuf Naqash And President Muslim Democratic League Hakim Abdul Rashid Has Said That The Oppressive Tactics Won’t Serve Any Purpose In Resolving The Kashmir Issue. The Solution Of Kashmir Issue Lies In Sincere Unconditional Political Engagement And Sustained Political Dialogue With All The Stake Holders To Work Out Peaceful, Dignified And Lasting Solution Of Kashmir In The Interest Of Peace And Development Of South Asia Including The Subcontinent. In Principle We Believe Dialogue Only Civilized And Democratic Way Of Solving The Issue And Are Promoting This Institution Of Dialogue On Our Part.
All The Political Voices Of Dissent Including Have Been Sincerely Stressing For Political Solution Of Kashmir To Save Humanity Regardless Of Religion And Region From The Catastrophes Of Wars And Violence.
They Further Said That Kashmir Is Purely Political And Human Issue And Needs To Be Solved In The Political And Human Perspective. The Political Struggle Is Specifically Restricted To Kashmir Resolution And Have No Global Agenda.
Every Killing In Kashmir Regardless Of Denomination Is A Human Loss And No Kashmiri Wants This To Continue But All This Death And Destruction Is Happening Due To Unresolved Kashmir Issue. As Such It Is The Human Obligation To Solve It In The Interest Of Serving Humanity And Restoring Peace, Normalcy And Prosperity In The Sub-continent And South Asia.
While Castigating The Vicious Media Trials And Propaganda And Misinformation Campaign Started By Indian Media And Character Assassination Of Voices Of Dissent And Misleading Notion About Popular Sentiment They Asserted That Solution Of The Issue Is Never Possible By Employing These Oppressive Tactics And Media Trials.