Hizbul Mujahideen supremo for “solid steps” for liberation of Kashmir

A top pro-Pakistan Kashmiri mujahideen leader on Wednesday paid tributes to a pro-independence organisation for its initiative of a march towards the Line of Control (LoC) and said there was a dire need to take “solid steps” for liberation of oppressed Kashmir in India occupied territory of the disputed Himalayan region.  Syed Salahuddin, supreme commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, the largest of around a dozen groups fighting Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, maintained that the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) was “justified and on right path” in holding the march towards the bloody dividing line. “Your initiative – LoC march – is the most important need of time to draw the attention of the international community and unconscientious international organisations towards the alarming situation in India occupied Kashmir,” said Mr Salahuddin, in his telephonic address to the participants of the JKLF led sit-in near Jiskool, some 8kms before the LoC in Chakothi sector. “I salute you for your endeavour and perseverance and assure that we are with you, by all means, because our patience is running out at the situation in occupied Kashmir,” he added. He maintained that not only the occupied territory was under a lockdown for the past 65 days, amid curfew, media and communication blackout, India had also plunged the Kashmiris into economic impoverishment. “Nobody knows what has been happening to our brothers and sisters across the divide.” He regretted that the United Nations (UN) had not honoured its charter as well as resolutions on Kashmir and had, instead, left the Kashmiris at the mercy of 900000 Indian troops.  “If the international community fails to do anything even after the lapse of two months, a big catastrophe can soon occur inside occupied Kashmir,” he warned.  Mr Salahuddin also stressed upon the people at helm in Pakistan to realise their responsibilities and take “solid steps” so as to ensure liberation of the oppressed Kashmiris.  Referring to the JKLF demand that UN Secretary General should send his special representative to them, he said: “Why a representative? Why not the UN chief himself whose organisation has pledged right to self determination to the Kashmiris through as many as 18 resolutions.”   Earlier in the day, Mr Salahuddin also spoke to this correspondent by telephone, suggesting that a “national mass movement” towards the dividing line was indispensable to draw world attention. He told that early last month he had suggested to the AJK leadership that the LoC march should be from the entire base camp [AJK], irrespective of organisational affiliations, instead of any single party or group.  The JKLF waited for a joint call and when there was none they set off on their own, he said.“In my view, soon we will have to breach the LoC in a huge number …There is no doubt Indian army is barbarous and beastly and it can shoot at the gathering. Therefore, I suggest that around two to three thousand people in the vanguard of marchers should be equipped with arms so that they can respond to [Indian] bullets with bullets,” he said, believing that it would attract world attention. Recalling Prime Minister Imran Khan’s last month’s statement at a Muzaffarabad rally that Kashmiris should wait for his return from the UN to be told that what should they do, he said: “We are still waiting [….] We need to know what they are doing to bring the oppressed Kashmiris out of this situation.” Mr Salahuddin maintained that rallies and resolutions did manifest mere political and moral support, but Kashmiris needed something beyond such support. “Whatever [PM] Khan sahib says are just statements but on the ground there is dire need of some concrete action so that the oppressed Kashmiri nation, which seems to be without any chaperone at the moment, could get some relief.” He said being the cruellest imperialist power, India derived pleasure from the cries of Kashmiris. “It only understands the language of power…If the government of Pakistan is unable to help the unarmed Kashmiris, it should tell us plainly. Mere words will no more work.”He said over the past 65 days, not demonstrations expressing anger at Indian move and solidarity with the besieged Kashmiris were held across the world, but many important personalities in USA had expressed concern over the situation in occupied Kashmir.“Nevertheless the UN remains unmoved. Then one is tempted to askwhat is the point of having this organisation? In response to a question, Mr Salahuddin said Hizbul Mujahideen might give a call for a joint LoC march.“Time has come to hold consultations on it. We are at the end of our tether.” “I believe if we do not do anything solid, we will be in the row of sinners on the Day of Judgment and our future generations will dub us as traitors,” he said.  

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  1. The fourth aim of the Operation Topac is too marching forward to success. Islamisation of Kashmiriyat in the Valley has been done. Mentally the people of Kashmir are becoming anti-India. All Muslim leaders of Kalshmir, even if they may be congressites, have alienated themselves from India and Indianness. It is worth mentioning here that these Muslim leaders have taken shelter in some foreign lands or in some areas in India where also they are lending assistance to the militants. Leaders of the Kashmiri Muslim society and those belonging to the National Conference, Jamait-e-Islami, Plebiscite Front, Hizbul Mujahideen, Allah Tigers and the JKLF are all pro-Pakistan organisations which have announced that their goal was complete liberation of Kashmir. The base of their anti-India activities is Islamic fundamentalism. The Muslim of the valley is dreaming of ‘Nizame Mustafa’ as against the ideas of secularism. The Muslim fundamentalist leaders have succeeded in encouraging the society in Kashmir for rejecting the “enslavement by India”. The entire campaign is being successfully organised and run by the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, on the soil of India and in the capitals of many foreign countries. It has also been successful in securing moral, military and economic assistance from Muslims countries after giving to the Kashmir problem the name of Islamic Jehad. Iran, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, all Muslim fundamentalist countries, are openly supporting Pakistan. Amnesty international and other organisations, which claim to be protectors of human rights, observe ostrich type attitude towards the atrocities being committed by the terrorists in Kashmir. Whi:e shedding crocodile tears on any simple incident in any part of the world, these organizations have not spoken a word on the inhuman atrocities committed on the three lakh Hindus of Kashmir. They falter in condemning the criminal and ignoble activities of the Pak-trained terrorists. It is regrettable that these organisations do not stop levelling false charges against the Indian Army which is aimed at demoralising the Jawans. Pakistan has succeeded in making many countries to say that settlement of the Kashmir problem can be worked out on the negotiating table. It means that Pakistan while continuing the proxy war, would make India to search for the possibilities of the dialogue without resorting to an attack. Under the Shimla Agreement Pakistan had achieved success in making it the base for a dialogue. Even while securing the release of 90,000 war prisoners and return of thousands of square kilometers of areas from the Indian occupation, Bhutto succeeded in converting the cease-fire line into the Line of Actual Control. The same LAC became the base for future negotiations and on the basis of it Pakistan has become a party to the matters connected vwith Kashmir. The purpose of the negotiations is to facilitate Pakistan to grab the remaining area of Kashmir after having forcible occupied two- third area of Kashmir.

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