257 mujahideen martyred during 2020 in more than 100 clashes with Indian army in occupied Kashmir: Report

SRINAGAR, Jan 04 : 257 mujahideen were martyred during 2020 in more than 100 clashes with the Indian army in occupied Kashmir. The martyrs include 13 prominent commanders including Hizbul Mujahideen Operational Commander Riaz Ahmed Naiko.

Operation Commander Dr. Saifullah, Commander Junaid Ahmed Sehrai, Commander Haroon, Commander Masood, Commander Azadul Hari, Commander Raheel Ahmed aka Abu Suhaib, Commander Awais Ahmed, Commander Zubairul Islam, Commander Farooq Asad, Commander Ashfaq Ahmed, Commander Janbaz and Commander Umar Fayyaz aka Hammad Khan.

According to an annual report issued by Hizbul Mujahideen regarding 2020, from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020, 191 Indian army personnel were killed by mujahideen, the killed Indian army personnel include 88 in city areas of Jammu and 104 in border areas; meanwhile 169 Indian army personnel were injured. 44 Indian soldiers committed suicide.

The killed Indian army personnel include Colonel Ashotosh Sharma, two JCOs, several majors and nearly a dozen officers. The injured army personnel include lieutenant colonel Sahil Kumar and 20 officers.

According to Hizb Media Indian army personnel are falling into psychological diseases and the proof of this is that 44 Indian army personnel including JCO Pawan Kumar committed suicide while shooting themselves with official rifles.

During the year 2020, mujahideen snatched 10 rifles from the Indian army personnel.

According to a report issued by Hizb media cell, the Indian army while speeding up the process of arrests of common citizens arrested 2,765 citizens while alleging them of organizing the protest demonstrations, pelting stones at the Indian police and army and participating in funerals of martyrs and while chanting slogans in favour of freedom and against India. The arrested people include elders, youth and children. Hundreds of Hurriyat workers have been put behind the bars in Kashmir and India while arresting them under the public safety act.

According to the report, Indian army during the clashes with mujahideen destroyed 838 houses and educational institutions while using gun powder, shelling of mortars and other anonymous methods.

According to the report, Indian army intentionally martyred 49 citizens during the search operations; meanwhile 376 citizens were injured. The sacred struggle of mujahideen Kashmir and freedom loving masses will continue till the achievement of their destination.

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